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Vintage Handheld PC – Organizer - Hewlett Packard – HP Jornada 710

€ 125,00

Collectors item: De HP Jornada 710 is een zeldzaam model uit de Jornada-serie en daarom geliefd bij verzamelaars. Draait op Windows CE incl. MS office-pakket.

Serienr.: SG21340009

Geproduceerd in: Singapore

Jaar: 2001


  • Zeldzaam model. Op 18 jun 2016 werd er op het hele internet geen enkele HP Jornada 710 aangeboden!

Conditie: excellent. Zowel optisch als technisch. Allen zonder stylus en oplader. Deze zijn echter eenvoudig aan te schaffen via internet. De stylus kost zo’n EUR EUR 3,00 en de lader kost zo’n EUR 7,50.

About the HP Jornada

The Jornada was a line of personal digital assistants or PDAs manufactured by Hewlett-Packard. The Jornada was a broad product line that included Palm-Size PCs, Handheld PCs, and Pocket PCs. The first model was the 820, released in 1998, and the last was the 928 model in 2002 when Compaq and HP merged. The Jornada line was then succeeded by the more popular iPAQ model PDAs. All Jornada models ran Microsoft Operating Systems that were based on Windows CE.

Jornada 710

The Jornada 710 was released in 2001 into the European / Middle Eastern Market place. It featured 32 MB of RAM, a Compact Flash slot, a PC card slot, a smart card slot, 640x240 16-bit display, and a 206 MHz StrongARM SA1110 CPU. It also ran on HPC2000, however the package differed from the higher end 720 and 728, making the 710 a lower cost alternative. The 710 did not ship with an integrated 56 kbit/s modem, and it is not possible to add one as an upgrade. It had a scaled down CD bundle and came without a docking cradle (bron: Wikipedia).

Specifications (bron: pdadb dot net)

Dimensions:  189 x 95 x 34 millimetres

Mass: 510 grams (battery included)

Software Environment

Embedded Operating System: Microsoft Handheld PC 2000

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Microprocessor, Chipset

CPU Clock: 206 MHz

CPU: Intel StrongARM SA-1110

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Memory, Storage capacity

RAM capacity:   32 MiB

ROM capacity:  24 MiB


Display Technology:       CSTN , 65536 scales

Display Diagonal:             6.5 "

Display Resolution:         640 x 240


Microphone(s):               mono

Loudspeaker(s): mono

Audio Output:  3.5mm

Control Peripherals

Positioning Device: Touchscreen

Primary Keyboard: Built-in QWERTY keyboard

Directional Pad: 4 -way

Scroll Wheel: Not supported


Expansion Slots: PCMCIA I., PCMCIA II., CF I., CF II.

USB: USB 1.1 client, 12Mbit/s


Bluetooth: Not supported

Wireless LAN: Not supported

Infrared Gate:  115200bit/s (SIR/CIR)

Serial:   RS-232

Multimedia Broadcast

Analog Radio Receiver: Not supported

Digital Media Broadcast Tuner: Not supported

Additional Details

Battery: removable

Battery Capacity: 1500 mAh


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